Research: Monkeys able to count

Monkeys are not always focused solely on mischievous activities and eating bananas, new research has proven. According to a study by professionals in Germany published in the Nature Communications journal, one breed of our primate friends may be significantly more...

Are LEGO about to enter the printer market…?

Let’s face it LEGO is brilliant! I have loved LEGO since before I can remember, I mean, who hasn’t??
LEGO was invented in the late 1940’s and has probably been in every home in the UK Since it was designed and engineered in Billund, Denmark. Through the years LEGO have produced over 400 billion plastic bricks for various themes such as cars, houses, and my absolute personal favourite, the Star Wars collection!….

Monkeys get to grips with their own car

There's been plenty of monkey business at Longleat Safari Park this week after the resident apes were given their own car to play with. Many of us will have been through the experience of having our cars targeted by monkeys desperate to get their hands on whatever...